Kenny Alexander on Support for the Virginia Grocery Investment Fund

Posted by Kenny Alexander on February 24, 2016
Senator Kenneth Alexander talks with WVEC’s Andre Senior about the issue of “food deserts” for a 13NewsNow special report. (SCREENSHOT FROM WVEC)

There are currently more than 1.7 million people in Virginia, including 480,000 children who live in underserved areas, or low-income communities with limited supermarket access.

Having access to nutritious foods is essential for a healthy diet, and can prevent diabetes, high cholesterol, cancers and other diet related diseases. Unfortunately, access to fresh vegetables, fruits and meats is not evenly distributed in Virginia.

An increase in the Virginia Grocery Investment Fund is essential for bringing grocery markets to underserved areas. And according to the Campaign for the Virginia Grocery Investment Fund, grocery stores serve as community development anchors, create jobs, and can increase nearby home values by 4-7%.