Update from Richmond: Working for our Workforce

Posted by Kenny Alexander on February 03, 2016

I am pleased to report that my bill, SB 609 (Academic credit; industry credentials), passed unanimously in the Senate.

This legislation would require the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) to recognize more previous academic credits students may bring to the table. It would also require that VCCS work with local business leaders to both identify and report to the public on in-demand career opportunities by-region across the Commonwealth.

The bottom line here is that more students will save money and have a better idea of where to invest their time and tuition in order to get started on a successful career. We are now looking forward to matching SB609 with action from the House soon.

Track progress on SB609 <HERE>

SB609 Summary
Requires the State Board for Community Colleges to adopt a policy for the award of academic credit to any student enrolled in a comprehensive community college who has successfully completed a third-party industry credential identified as in demand and applicable to the student’s certificate or degree program requirements. The bill also requires the State Board, in consultation with the Virginia Board of Workforce Development and local business and industry leaders, to identify in-demand third-party industry credentials for each community college region and post the results on its website.